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Writing Process

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Process for Writing Materials

  1. Information Gathering

The first step is to gather information about the project.  I gather information in the following ways:

I talk with the prospective client to obtain preliminary information about the project, which allows me to develop a quote.  T

After the client and I sign an agreement and the deposit is received, I ask the client a series of questions to gather more detailed information about the content of the material.  T

The client may also send project notes or examples.

  1. Research

Depending on the project, all of the information needed to write the material is gathered from the client. I also conduct research as needed to gather information that will be used to write the material.

The more information and ideas received from the client, the less research I will need to conduct.

  1. Writing

After I have collected information from the client and conducted research (if necessary), I write a first draft of the material.  

  1. Revisions

Once I have completed the first draft of the material, I send it to the client for feedback. The client lets me know what changes are necessary.  I make the changes and send them a second draft.  We continue to revise the document until we have developed a final draft.

It usually takes one or two rounds of revisions to create a final draft.