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Promoting a Business With White Papers

Promoting Your Business With White Papers

A white paper is a report that discusses a specific position on an issue or solution to a problem. It might include historical information, research findings, and recommendations.

Historically, the term "white paper" referred to official governmental reports designed to be informative and authoritative. Today, businesses also use white papers as marketing tools to establish themselves as industry experts; acquire new customers; and influence investors, prospective customers, the media, and others.

Listed below is an example of how a white paper can be written to promote a business while giving readers useful and credible information.

A mold remediation company published a white paper about mold infestation – behind walls and in other hidden areas – in commercial buildings. The paper included the following information:

This information was factual and unbiased because the company wanted to give the target audience a credible resource about mold.

The white paper also discussed best practices for eradicating and removing mold including the company's specific solutions to the problem. It also included an example of how the company solved a business's long-standing mold problem. The paper, however, did not include extensive self-promotion because, from the audience's perspective, it was a resource not a sales pitch.

Although the company promoted its services, it focused on the target audience's need to (a) acquire definitive information about the problem, (b) obtain possible solutions to the problem, and (c) make informed decisions about addressing the problem.

As the example illustrates, a well-written white paper can help a company establish credibility and strengthen its reputation while promoting its products and service. Most importantly, white papers can lead to new customers and increased revenues.


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