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Fill Your Resume With Words That Have Impact

What can you do to make your resume stand out in the crowd?

First, you must have the skills and experience that the job requires. In this ultra competitive job market, intelligence, outstanding experience, and excellent transferable skills are not enough to land the interview (in many cases). Candidates who have experience with the position are more likely to be selected for interviews, especially if applicant tracking databases are used in the initial selection process. Resumes that do not contain the search terms recruiters use (i.e., key words important to the position) will be overlooked.  

Second, you must present your skills, experience, and accomplishments confidently. A resume that is easy to follow, visually appealing, error-free, and contains words that convey action, expertise, and achievement demonstrates confidence.

Listed below are words that will help you communicate your qualifications to the employer and demonstrate why you should be given an interview.

Action Verbs

Action verbs communicate accomplishments, experience, and job duties in an energetic, concise, and persuasive manner.


Abstract nouns refer to ideas, qualities, and concepts. They can be used to explain your qualifications and experience. Listed below are some nouns that you might consider using.


Adjectives, which describe nouns, can be used to paint a richer picture of you as a professional. Listed below are adjectives that can help you create a positive and competent image.


Adverbs describe verbs and adjectives, so they can be used to explain how well you perform job responsibilities. Listed below are some adverbs.

The job market is very competitive. Therefore, it is imperative for job seekers to create accurate resumes that are (a) tailored to their desired positions and (b) use active and persuasive words to demonstrate their skills, experience, and accomplishments.

Get Help With Writing Your Resume

Job searches are difficult and stressful. So why tackle the task alone when a professional writer can help you update an existing resume or create a new one? Resume writers have the writing skills, knowledge, experience, and objectivity needed to create compelling resumes.

So, if you need help with writing your resume, call today at (773) 405-5916 or send an email. We can get started creating a professional resume that shows why you are an excellent match for the position.


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