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Creating a Mission Statement

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Four Questions to Ask When Developing a Mission Statement

The mission statement describes a business’s purpose and identifies the characteristics that distinguish it from competitors. It explains why it was created, who it serves, what it provides, and how it will benefit customers or clients. Answers to four key questions can provide the information to create an ambitious yet realistic and achievable mission statement.

In the following example, answers to these questions are used to create a mission statement for a fictitious chiropractic practice.

Based on these answers, the practice's mission statement might read as follows:

The following example provides a shorter, more targeted mission statement.

It's possible to create a profitable business without a formal mission statement. But a well-crafted mission statement can (a) help guide business operations and (b) positively influence business stakeholders – two important elements for achieving success.


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This article was created from two blog entries that were published on the now out-of-print blog, "Writing and Business," published by Katherine Williams.