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Grant Writing Mistakes

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Avoid Common Mistakes When Writing Grant Proposals

Funders do not make grants to organizations simply because their proposals are well-written.  They consider many criteria when evaluating an organization’s grant worthiness including the following:

Nonetheless, the grant proposal is a reflection of the strength and viability of an organization. Therefore, it should be well-written and easy to read.  It should also provide factual and comprehensive information about the organization and its programs.  In addition, a proposal should clearly define what sets the organization apart from its competitors. It should also demonstrate the the organization’s mission and problems are aligned with the prospective funder’s mission.

No document can ever be perfect, but an effective grant proposal must error free.  Listed below are mistakes that can hurt a proposal’s chances of persuading a funder to award a grant to your organization.

Writing a well-organized grant proposal can be a difficult task.  Good writing skills, knowledge of the grant proposal writing process, and a clear understanding of the potential funder’s guidelines are key ingredients for developing winning grant proposals.


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