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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter writes materials – such as books, articles, stories, and reports – and gives authorship of the materials to others. 1 2  

Freelance writers – professionals who write for various genres in a number of industries on a self-employment basis – often provide ghostwriting services. An example of ghostwriting is as follows:

Vernon F. Wilson, owner of VFW Car Repair, hires freelance writer Kelly Morgan to write an e-book about auto repair and maintenance that he will publish on his web site. In this case, Vernon F. Wilson would be credited as the author of the e-book.

What do ghostwriters write?

Ghostwriters are hired to create text for a number of purposes including the following3:

What skills should a ghostwriter possess?

  1. Understands your needs

A ghostwriter should be able to relate to you as a person and gain an understanding of your needs. Ghostwriters should possess the following qualities:

  1. Knowledge about your target audience

To create persuasive materials, a ghostwriter must have an understanding of your target audience. If the ghostwriter does not ask for information about your target audience or does not seem to grasp your description of it, then he might not be the best writer for you.

  1. Skills and experience

Of course, the ghostwriter's writing skills and experience are essential.  But, even if a writer does not have experience writing in your particular industry, his writing skill s coupled with strong research and analytical skills will enable him to create high-quality materials for you.  

  1. Appropriate style of writing

The writing style will depend on your target audience and their needs as well as the type of written communication. So it is important to work with a writer who can write for your audience.

What are the advantages of hiring a ghostwriter?

How much do ghostwriters charge?

Ghostwriting fees vary greatly. They can range from $20 to $125+ an hour. Some ghostwriters bill their clients on a project basis and charge fees that range from $200 to $20,000 (and up). Factors that affect the costs include the following:

Ghostwriters provide a valuable service.

The written materials you present to your target audience(s) are a direct reflection on you and your business.  This is why it is absolutely essential that you create articles, biographies, brochures, letters, personal statements, and other forms of written communication that are polished, succinct, and clear.

If you do not have the time, motivation, or expertise to create written communication, then hiring a ghostwriter might be the answer for you. The ghostwriter will help you develop your ideas and determine the best approach for connecting you with your target audience(s).


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