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Marketing Through Community Service

Promoting Your Business Through Community Service

Community service and charitable giving are effective ways to promote a business. In fact, many large corporations devote millions of dollars to corporate giving and community relations. They use these tactics to (a) promote their businesses, (b) create a positive public image, and (c) build goodwill with their employees. Fortunately, a million-dollar budget and a large-scale corporate structure are not required to successfully use this marketing strategy. There are several low cost ways owners can promote their small businesses through community service including the following:

The following tips will help you develop a community service strategy:

  1. Create a targeted plan. Determine what charities are important to your customers and target market and create a solid plan for getting involved with some of them. For example, a person who owns a children's clothing store might sponsor youth sports teams throughout the year, donate clothing to child welfare agencies, make monetary donations to a children's hospital, or participate in holiday events for children and families.

  1. Aim for high exposure. Choose events, sponsorships, and organizations that will put your business in the presence of the largest number of people.

  1. Make the time to engage in community service. There are many responsibilities involved with running a business. Generating new business is, of course, one of the most important tasks. So promotional activities – like community service marketing – must take priority. Creating a plan with a timeline and a budget can help you manage this important task.

  1. Communicate your good works. Use press releases as well as your web site and other marketing materials (e.g., newsletters and brochures) to highlight the causes your business supports.

Marketing your business through charitable giving will require time and at least a minimal budget, but the expenditure of resources can lead to many benefits including the following:

It also allows you to make a valuable contribution to society.

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