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Web Site Ideas for Clinicians

Create a Web Site to Acquire New Patients

A web site will allow you to put your practice in the presence of people who are searching for doctors, therapists, chiropractors, and other health care professionals.  Consider the following scenarios:

Web Site Content

A medical practice’s web site should show competence, compassion, and concern for patients’ needs.  A easy-to-navigate web site that contains a wealth of well-written, relevant information will create this image.

Initially, your web site might be small and contain basic information about your practice. But to increase a web site’s popularity and importance to visitors, it should be updated regularly to include changes about the practice and information that patients will find useful.  The following lists give an idea of the kind of information that will attract prospective patients to your web site and practice.

Biographical information

Information regarding practice

Medical resources


Creating Web Site Traffic

A well-designed web site, alone, is not enough to receive high rankings in Internet searches.  One criterion for high rankings is the age of the web site’s domain name.  The older the domain name, the better ranking it will receive with search engines.  Other important factors include the quality of the web site’s content, use of keywords, and links from other web sites.

Quality of content

Search engines place higher value on web sites that contain a large amount of well-written content. Moreover, an abundance of relevant and easy to understand information shows current and prospective patients that your practice (a) provides high-quality health care and (b) is willing to provide valuable information at no cost.


Keywords and keyword phrases are what Internet users type into search engines to find web sites that pertain to particular subjects.  Your web site will rank higher in search results if the content contains keywords and phrases that people in search of health care providers and medical information are more likely to use.

Links to your web site

When other good-quality web sites link to yours, it increases your web site’s value with search engines because they assume that a web site with a large number of links back to it from other high-quality web sites is valuable and trustworthy.  Therefore, the more quality inbound links that a web site receives, the better its ranking will be in search results.

You can increase the number of inbound links to your site by asking friends, colleagues, affiliates, and business associates to place links to your web site on theirs and vice versa.  You can also include a link to your web site in online directory profiles.

Promote Your Web Site

Once you’ve launched your web site, promoting it will help you drive traffic to it.  Some promotional ideas include the following:

Building a comprehensive web site that addresses the needs of your target market is an ongoing process. An online presence, however, can be an effective marketing tool. Besides, if you have a web site and your competitors do not, you will be better positioned to connect with your target market.


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