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Professional Writing Services

Choosing Writing Services

How to Find the Best Writing Service for Your Needs

Your experience with a professional writing service will depend on three factors:

  1. Your relationship with the service’s professional writer.
  2. The service’s business practices.
  3. The level of communication with the service.

When choosing a professional writing service, ask yourself the following questions.

How well does the writer meet my needs?

It is important to work with a writer who will be your partner in creating materials that reach your target audience.  Ideally, a professional writer should possess the following qualities:

  1. Have an understanding of your needs

The writer should be able to relate to you as a person and understand your needs.  He should have the following attributes:

a. The ability to work with you in shaping your ideas into a precise message

b. The intelligence to understand your business and industry

c. The skills to develop the written communication that will help you achieve your goals

  1. Knowledge of the target audience

To write effective materials, a business writer must have an understanding of your target audience.  During your initial consultation, a discussion about your target audience is important.  

  1. Skills and experience

Writing ability is absolutely essential.  Even if a writer does not have experience writing in your particular industry, a good command of the English language coupled with strong research skills are important for writing any kind of content.  

A writer’s lack of experience in your industry can be an asset.  Since he can view it from a different point of view, he may see things in a way that an industry insider cannot.  This insight can help him be more objective and creative.

On the other hand, a writer who has experience within your industry does not have as much of a learning curve and will bring a certain kind of wisdom to the project.

4. Style of writing

The style used to write your material will, of course, depend on your target audience and their needs.  A marketing brochure for a business that sells to consumers will have a different tone than a brochure for a business that markets itself to other businesses.


Therefore, it is important to understand what tone (or voice) your target audience responds to best (e.g., formal, conversational, humorous, academic, or technical) and choose a writer who can create that tone.  

Does the service have good business practices?

The way a professional writing service conducts its operations is essential to developing a trusting relationship with its clients.  It has to operate with integrity and provide a means for you to hold it accountable for its dealings with you.  Good business practices include the following:

Is the service responsive?

The Internet makes it possible for businesses and individuals to work with writers who are not located in their areas.  This distance can give the impression that the writer-client relationship is unstable or disconnected.  Whether the writing service is local or remote, the following practices will help you feel more comfortable working with it.  

If you are working with a professional writing service in your area, the writer should be willing to meet with you face-to-face when necessary.  

Choose wisely to achieve success.

Since there are so many professional writing services to choose from, you should be able to find one that works best for you.  Researching various services and talking with candidates will improve your chances of finding a writer that will help you successfully reach your target audience and achieve your goals.

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