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Creating a Rewarding Work Life

Whether we work for others or run our own businesses, we spend a lot of time working. Add time for commuting to and from work; preparing for work; responding to work-related  calls, emails, and text messages on our free time; and work-related travel, then the number of hours devoted to work each week becomes even larger.

Moreover, workplace issues – like rude customers, difficult co-workers or employees, unreasonable bosses or business partners, cumbersome procedures, boring tasks, and constant interruptions – can make our work lives miserable. This misery will negatively affect other areas of our lives as well as disrupt our emotional and physical well-being. Therefore, it is well worth the effort to develop healthy coping skills and sound practices for managing workplace stressors.

Business and Work Life contains suggestions for creating a more rewarding work life.

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Business and Work Life

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